We currently provide full internet and telecommunication services in:


We are also able to provide services in:

Amber Valley, Amesbury, Athabasca Acres, Athabasca Landing Settlement, Balay Subdivision, Baptiste Lake, Big Coulee, Blue Jay, Century Estates, Coolidge, Dakin, Deep Creek, Frains, Glenshaw, Grosmont, Kinikinik, Lahaieville, Lincoln, Lyall Subdivision, McNabb’s, Meadowbrook, Meanock, O’Morrow, Paxson, Pine Grove Estates, Pleasant View, Prosperity, Richmond Park, Sarrail, Sawdy, Spruce Valley, West Wind Trailer Park, White Gull

We are continually expanding our service areas, and we encourage you to get in touch with us if you would like to ask about coverage in your area.

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