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Why Choose CCL Networks?

What sets CCL Networks apart:

  • Reliable, high-speed internet access for your home
  • Great customer care for rural northeast Alberta
  • Multiple or customizable plan options to suit your needs and your budget

What monthly traffic/speed do I need?

If you do only basic internet browsing and don’t spend much time on your computer, you should choose the silver plan. If you’re on your computer often and use email, social media, video streaming and downloading services, such as Netflix and iTunes, you should choose gold or platinum. If you have multiple internet users in your household who stream videos and play online video games, you should choose platinum or advanced.


Moderate use such as frequent browsing, social media and emailing

Download Speed 6 Mbps Upload Speed 1.5 Mbps Monthly Data 120GB
$59.95 per month Select this plan or call 1-780-594-0123


Heavier use such as more frequent streaming and downloading

Download Speed 15 Mbps Upload Speed 2.0 Mbps Monthly Data 350GB
$79.95 per month Select this plan or call 1-780-594-0123


Great for heavier use such as frequent streaming, downloading or gaming

Download Speed 25Mbps Upload Speed 3.0 Mbps Monthly Data 600GB
$94.95 per month Select this plan or call 1-780-594-0123


Ideal for users who require more data and speed, or have a family of streamers

Download Speed 30Mbps Upload Speed 4.0 Mbps Monthly Data 800GB
$99.95 per month Select this plan or call 1-780-594-0123


Never run out of data again for large families or users with high data requirements

Download Speed 25Mbps Upload Speed 5.0 Mbps Monthly Data Unlimited
$199.95 per month Select this plan or call 1-780-594-0123

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Sign up and install process

We’re happy to chat with you to find out which plan is best for you, and to provide custom plans if something outside this set of plans better suits your needs.

Get set up with internet access for your home.

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Once you register for a plan, we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home a time that’s convenient for you, so we can install your internet. When we’re there, we’ll get a billing authorization form signed and set you up with billing however it works best for you. We do direct billing or automatic withdrawal.

Custom Plans

We’re happy to set up a plan, any plan, to suit your needs precisely. Just give us a call, we’ll ask you some basic questions, and we’ll make our services work for you.