CCL Networks provides reliable internet access to residents and businesses in Alberta and Saskatchewan . We are a growing Albertan company, highly experienced in RF communication as well as telephone switching and networking technology.  CCL Networks has been installing private broadband networks to clients as well as operating our own broadband wide area network for over 25 years. We highly value professionalism, great customer service and flexibility.

Corporate Statement

CCL Networks is committed to providing Fast, Local, Reliable Internet service for Alberta, and Saskatchewan. When you subscribe to our service, we guarantee you will receive your plan speeds 24/7. Need to call us to book an install? Or have questions about your service? When you call our professional support team, a real, local person will answer your questions. 

Safety Commitment

CCL Networks is committed to providing a safe working environment for all workers. Personnel at all levels, particularly those who will act as CCL Networks designated site representatives, are expected to do everything reasonable and practical to protect personnel, property and the environment.

Safety is an integral part of our company’s work. It is part of our operations and is there to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public. 

There are many costs to accidents and unsafe work practices. The greatest costs are human costs. By protecting our people, we are also protecting their families, fellow workers, the public and the environment from the far-reaching effects of serious accidents. We are also protecting our ability to continue doing business.

All company employees are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in and learning from safety training programs and informing the necessary people of any unsafe work conditions.

All applicable government rules, regulations or restrictions, federal or provincial, now in effect or which may be introduced, take precedence over this statement.